Become a sports manager - apply for a Master in Sport Management in the UK

A d v e r t o r i a l

The sport industry is expected to offer increasing employment opportunities as the industry continues to grow throughout the world. Such industry requires managers with specific skills and expertise, and an in-depth knowledge of sport organisations.

If you are passionate about sports and want to know how to manage the core functional departments of the sports management industry, you may be interested in studying a Master in Sport Management to perfect your knowledge and prepare for the sports industry, in management, marketing, operations or other appropriate areas.

If you are planning to make the most of such a programme, and are thinking about the UK, here are a few recommendations for courses. Where else to study a Sport Management Master than the country hosting some of the Europe’s most famous stadiums, like the Wembley Stadium or the Emirates Stadium.

Master in Sport Management

Why study a Master in Sport Management?

A Master in Sport Management is a postgraduate programme that aims to provide students with the technical ‘hard skills’ and the communication, network-based ‘soft skills’ they need to climb the sports management career ladder.

The courses featured in such programmes cover ranges from leadership and management, to corporate strategy and finance, and also sport legal environment and policies, marketing and research.

What programs are available?

There are many universities in the UK offering Master in Sport Management or related subjects. You may want to consider general Sport Management Master like the UCFB Wembley program, where you can study right by the Wembley Stadium, or the Master at Coventry Business School. Or more specific courses like a Master in Sport Policy, Business and Management, at the University of Birmingham Business School or a Sport Business Innovation program like the one offered by the Loughborough University .  If you want more options, you can check out the programs listed in the directory at QS Course Finder for more resources and to get information about your selected courses.

Master in Sport Management

What are your career opportunities?

When it comes to career prospects, such programs have a wide portfolio of industry contacts which provide opportunities for short term placements and projects for postgraduate students. These include, but are not limited to, leading organisations such as Wembley Stadium, The Football Association (FA), Aon Sports, The Rugby Football League (RFL), League Football Clubs etc. You'll use the knowledge gained through coursework and internship experiences to undertake activities like planning, coordinating, marketing and budgeting in fields related to sports and recreation.  A variety of industries hire graduates from Master in Sport Management programs, such employers may be: sports agencies, sports management businesses, sporting associations, media companies, professional sports leagues, sporting equipment companies and more.

How to apply for a Master in Sport Management in the UK?

If you are interested in applying you can find an overview of the entry requirements below:

  • You will need to have a Bachelor’s degree with 2:1 classification or an international equivalent;
  • If you are an UK or EU applicant you will not require a visa;
  • Relevant academic experience in business, marketing or sport is desirable.

Applications are now open for Masters in Sport Management at universities in the UK.

If you want to apply and you would life further information about the program or are unsure whether you meet the entry criteria, youcan register your interest on QS Course Finder to receive a call back from one of their student advisers within 24h.